Play GTA V Without Any Errors on PC

Yes, You can play grand theft auto freely by downloading this runtimes. GTA 5 is very popular game and those people they are playing this game on PC must download these runtimes in order to play GTA V and many more games that reqiure these runtimes. Such problems occur while playing GTA 5 and many games that respond errors like  0x0000007b, Isdone.dll and more. Download the file given below and enjoy GTA V.

Download free

All in One Runtimes AIO Free Download

Free Download all in one runtimes in the short form aio. These will help you play games freely without any errors. These includes many frameworks, Dot. net framework, Direct X, Flash Player and many more runtimes. Click the button below to download them.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Trainer +11

What it will do?

Inf.Ability Points
Instant Skill Cooldown
Better Stealth
Inf.Ship Health
Inf.Ship Boost
Mega Exp

Pay Attention!
                       Make sure you have created a backup of your game it's because the game can face errors and can be corrupted. Make a copy of your save game progress its in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\YourUbisoftID\5092 or 5059.

Assassin's Creed Origins Trainer +18 Free download

Download Assassin Creeed Origins Trainer +18

HOME -activate trainer

NUMPAD0 -immortality

NUMPAD1 -oxygen

NUMPAD2 -adrenaline

NUMPAD3 -ammo

NUMPAD4 -money

NUMPAD5 – experience

NUMPAD6 -skill points

NUMPAD7 -one hit kills

NUMPAD8 -invisibility

NUMPAD9 -change time of day

F5 -indestructible ship

F6 – "Afterburner" ship

END -condition

PAGE UP -faster game

PAGE DOWN -bullet time

8 – save site

9 -teleportation

0 -references teleport

7 -teleportation to a destination

Click the link below and you will be proceeded to your destination

How to Hack any Game Using Cheat Engine (The Best Way)

Hack any game with cheat engine is very easy.

What is Cheat Engine?

Cheat Engine is the best game hacking software for pc. It's very easy and simple to use. I shall thank them who made this software. Cheat Engine can hack values, text and more other features are in there. We can unlock the locked values in games such as i want to unlock a car in game but its locked so i use cheat engine in there to unlock. I can hack coins, levels and many more values that are in form of number.


Open the game that you want to hack than minimize it and open cheat engine. Than click the small  computer icon at the top left. Now select the game in the list. Open the game and see the value of money and type that value in cheat engine's text box named "Value". Click first scan. if there are so many results. spend some money in the game and type again its value in cheat engine. Do this until there are 1-4 results remaining. select all results using left mouse button or CTRL+A. Than click the small arrow. It will drop in the below list place. Select all and press enter key to Change the values that you want like 999999999 and open the game And Enjoy!!!!!!

How to Unlock Every Character in Tom and Jerry in Fists of Fury Without Playing

How to unlock every character and teamplay mode  in tom and jerry in fists of fury without playing game. Its easy and simple tip to unlock characters and teamplay mode. Lets Start!

1. Go to Start menu and type regedit. go to regedit>HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>UbiSoft Entertainment>TJPCRC and change the values of CAVAIL, MAVAIL and CCOPMP.


Thats All Play game with all your favorite characters and enjoy

Hitman 3 Contracts Trainer +11 Free Download

Whats in the trainer:

F2 -immortality (god mode)-you are invulnerable to any kind of damage

F3 -unlimited ammo (ammunition counter does not decrease, you do not need to reload the weapon)

F4 -automatic fire

F5 -very fast shoot

F6 -unlimited saves

F7 -activate this option before the end of the mission and get called "assassins" (silent assassin) and thus a special weapon.

F8 -pause the fire (the opponents will not shoot, you will only attack outright, etc.)

F9 -unlock the door

F10 -stable sniper telescope (not "rocking out")

F11 -disables all cheats

T -enable/disable Turbo (making 2 x faster)

8 -Numpad-Navigate lets you teleport in the level using the keys of the numerical keypad (e.g. 8-North, 4-West, 7-Northwest, etc.). The distance that will teleport you to, you can specify in the X/Z-Step.

9 -Numpad Programmable-you can store space and teleport to them. For example, when you press ALT + NUMPAD1 is your current position will be assigned to key NUMPAD1. The same pressing NUMPAD1 will make you move back to the site assigned to him. You can thus use all the keys with numbers but 0.

0 -disables the options associated with the numeric keypad

PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN -moving vertically by the value defined in the s-Step.

Download Hitman 3 Trainer

Hitman 2 Silent Assassins Trainer +6 V. 1.2

Here is the trainer of Hitman 2 Silent Assassins.

In the Trainer:

NUMPAD1 – God Mode

NUMPAD2 – unlimited ammo

NUMPAD3 – no reload

NUMPAD4 – no alarm

NUMPAD5 – broken mode

Slow motion in trainer window

If you want more trainer write in the comments

How to Fix the Error Opengl 2.0 is not Supported in your Computer


Many users had this problem that opengl 2.0 is not supported in their computers. Also many games say that. So i have a solution of this problem. Click the Download button below to download opengl 2.0 driver.

You have to do is right click on the game that have this error, click properties and open the file location. Download the Opengl 2.0 driver and put it in the game folder. Thats all. Open the game and enjoy.

Free Download Assassins Creed 3 Trainer V 1.06 +22 Trainer

So, your finding the trainer of Assassins creed 3. He is here. You can easily download this trainer for free. Click, Download, Enjoy.

Password: trainer

In the Trainer:

Key 6 - slows down time

Key 7 - quick time

Press 8 – resumes normal run time

Key 9 - slows opponents

Key 0 - faster opponents

NUMPAD0 - stores locations

NUMPAD2 - teleportation

NUMPAD3 - references to be teleported

INSERT - disarms opponents

F1 - immortality

F2 - unlimited money

F3 - unlimited ammunition

F4 - no need to overload

F5 - unlimited amount of smoke bombs

F6 - unlimited arrows

F7 - unlimited consumables

F8 - super hiding

F9 – again you become unnoticed

F10 - super speed

F11 - super jump

PAGE UP - increases the damage dealt by the player # 1

PAGE DOWN - increases the damage dealt by the Player # 2

HOME - activate trainer

If you want more trainers or that you want please write in the comment section.